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Therem Harth March 18, 2015 22:01

Courtesy of @murphy - Sniper magic should not cost 1 SP per spell any more.

(Feel free to post other issues here as you find them...)

murphy March 25, 2015 18:41

setting the no_selling option at birth starts a character with no gold and empty inventory. that means no light source for the first trip down the stairs, which is pretty rough :-(

Therem Harth March 25, 2015 20:02

No gold?! My characters started with 600 GP when no-sell was enabled. What other options did you enable?

murphy March 25, 2015 23:33

I tried two more times and i did get 600 gold. Maybe i just imagined that happened?

AnonymousHero March 26, 2015 02:06


Originally Posted by murphy (Post 99852)
I tried two more times and i did get 600 gold. Maybe i just imagined that happened?

Clearly, you're just mad. Or maybe... someone may have gaslighted you, so watch out! (But then again maybe I'm gaslighting you right now...

murphy March 28, 2015 15:42

you make a good point, that i gotta be more vigilant. fortunately you seem pretty trustworthy. at least, for someone with the word anonymous in their name :-)

debo March 28, 2015 16:07

Someone needs to play a sapper ASAP(per)!!!!

Therem Harth March 28, 2015 16:29

Note to self: add more weird monsters. Orc Mutants don't cut it.

murphy March 29, 2015 18:41

Yeah sapper was next on my list! But it looks unlikely RL will permit another attempt in the next week. Also i accidentally trashed Bobbles the Reaper savefile when testing the 600 gold thing. So Bobbles wont be making any further progress.

murphy April 2, 2015 17:45

so if you start from an empty savefile, and set the no selling birth option, when you go to the point based stat allocation page, it says you have 0 gold, although when the game starts you actually get 600. maybe thats where i got confused?

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