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protopulse May 10, 2017 19:31

Is there a trick to IDing shield of wrath/treacherous paths greaves?
Even without _understanding or _self knowledge, I frequently come to realize what they are way before the game itself does. Sometimes, the game figures it out in a few hundred turns. Other times, it takes thousands, by which point I'm usually tired of lugging it around for 100 measly XP and just dump it.

Is it completely random? Or is there some sort of counter (e.g. number of enemies enraged/out of depth seen)?

If there is a counter, does that counter reset when you swap equipment? Say, I have a shield of deflection I use normally and that shield of wrath I keep around only for specific situations and for the ID XP. After 1000 turns of the wrath shield not IDing, I meet Othrod and realize I need the stats from the other shield to survive. So I swap shields, and swap back after the encounter. Are my chances for IDing the shield of wrath hurt?

Psi May 11, 2017 09:18

I haven't checked the code, but I assume it is just a perception check on each turn when the power activates.

protopulse May 11, 2017 15:38

Ok, I'll try pumping perception then and see if it makes a difference.

Infinitum May 11, 2017 17:39

I seem to recall half stating it was a flat % chance each turn you had the offending item equipped, but yeah you'd need to check the code for confirmation.

seraph May 12, 2017 04:17

i'm no coder but here's another reference.

half seems to indicate that they intend to increase the chance to id these items, i don't think this was ever implemented.

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