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tangar April 3, 2022 11:42

"Naught but wood" (all Tolkien fans must read)

damm it's really awesome piece of fan-analytics :D

Nick April 3, 2022 23:14

I'm convinced.

Estie April 4, 2022 00:31

So obvious, once its pointed out.

Grotug April 7, 2022 00:55

mind blown!!

bio_hazard April 7, 2022 21:32

Not the subtext I expected in a lengthy essay about Gimli and Legolas.

fiery_mews April 13, 2022 18:41

TBH I'm not convinced, and if this was the intended subtext, it would lessen my respect for Tolkien. Faramir is not like his brother, Saruman is not like Gandalf, Aragorn is homely and sketchy looking but "all that is gold does not glitter"... but at the end of the day Gimli is just another greedy Dwarf? Nah. I do not like.

Not that there aren't similar undercurrents elsewhere (the only good orc is a dead orc, after all). But I like to think Tolkien was at least a little more hip than this, esp. since IIRC he's pretty explicit in his letters about the Dwarves being inspired by Jews.

@bio_hazard: LOL, you and me both.

Pete Mack April 13, 2022 18:52

Read the whole thing. The argument clincher is saved for the very end.

fiery_mews April 13, 2022 22:09

Pete, I did read the whole thing. Not like I don't have some even farther fetched headcanons though, so YMMV.

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