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Nick May 14, 2022 03:47

Competition 245
Competition 245 is now up at the competition page; it is an Angband 4.2.4 Dunadan Priest. This is the second of two competitions meant to compare 3.5.1 with current Angband. See the page for rules.

malcontent May 14, 2022 04:29

Lately I've found that I like playing with selling enabled, I assume that is OK for this competition.

Nick May 14, 2022 05:19

Yes, that's fine.

Ingwe Ingweron May 15, 2022 06:51

Can we use the nightly?

Nick May 15, 2022 08:35


Originally Posted by Ingwe Ingweron (Post 158462)
Can we use the nightly?

Sure, why not?

clouded May 15, 2022 13:14

Can we have a Touhou Kattebatan comp next?

malcontent June 4, 2022 16:22

Congrats to Ingwe! And also bron for bringing in a winner and forcing Ingwe's hand to some degree. Which in turn forced my hand.

Ingwe accomplished the win without the last spell book!

Competitions usually help me learn more about playing the game.

This time was a bit of a "necessity is the mother of invention" experience and as turn count constraints got tighter I needed to really think about how to play a priest, and I'll be a better player for having that experience. I really really wish I had that last spell book though!

Also, Sphara encouraged forced descent, which I also now understand better, and mostly like, especially in a comp. I don't think my attempt would have been as close without using it. I took a little side trip during the comp and managed at 29K turn win with a rogue and forced descent - good times :)

Thanks for your work on Angband Nick and company! Maintaining something that is used by so many, and used in such different ways (playing style) and navigating all the opinions, to get where we are now is quite a feat.

Sphara June 4, 2022 19:10

Congrats to Ingwe for winning!

As for comparing the two versions: 3.5.1 was much, much easier. Not only because I found a ridiculous bow pretty early. Old version priests just had every trick in their sleeve. Healing, translocation, detection, recharging.. you name it.

I played one game of 3.5.1 and about dozen games of 4.2.4. The thing that bugged me the most in the new version, was the new harmful randart creation. In my first 4.2.4 game, I actually got some good ones early but in just about every other, the first randart was always some horrible crap. I don't know why that is? Just to make finding the first artifact a guessing game, whether it's good or bad this time?

All in all I do like 4.2.4, even though the game has arguably become harder.

malcontent June 4, 2022 19:33

Regarding randarts, I recall someone (Ingwe?) posting an idea that made sense to me - it seems like randart properties spill out from some objects to others - movement speed on any sort of wearable object is a prime example. It seems like the parameters could be narrowed down a bit. Same overall value as non-rand, but keeping the subcategories (boots vs rings vs weapons) also at the same overall value, and maintaining consistent properties withing those subcategories.

Nick June 5, 2022 00:51

Yes, congratulations to Ingwe for winning, and to bron for a game winner. Honourable mention to malcontent for pushing to beat Ingwe's turncount and dying to Morgoth; that's the sort of competition behaviour we want to see :)

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