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SethaWetha April 17, 2020 08:14

Help with customizing terminals?
After some looking I found out how to customize terminals to look like Angband, but I still find it somewhat unsatisfactory.

I found this screenshot and it looks great. Doesn't look like there's any messing around with resizing a bunch a windows or anything. Anyone know how to do this?

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm talking about FrogComposband! :eek:

Sideways April 17, 2020 08:52

If you're playing the Windows version, you can drag and move the subwindows to the positions you want. See readme.txt for what to do if you're playing on Linux, generally you need to specify subwindow size and positioning at or before game launch. The subwindows help is at ?t (but you probably found that already), it explains what to do if you're playing on

SethaWetha April 17, 2020 09:02

Yeah I'm on Windows and I read the readme. I was playing just dragging the subwindows how I like them but is there no way to merge, or make them look merged like they do in the imgur link I sent?

Sideways April 17, 2020 19:38

They are normal Windows windows, so there's no way to merge them. You can reduce the width of the frames around them (see for how), but you can't eliminate the frames completely and the change will also affect all other Windows windows.

moosferatu April 17, 2020 19:46

The GCU version has seamless windows. On other other hand, I'm not sure if you can configure their positioning.

budswell April 18, 2020 03:02

Every time I restart I have to slightly resize the windows, it cuts some text lines off part way. Is this because I play with non-default font? (I like courier new)

EpicMan April 18, 2020 03:13

I notice the subwindow resizing too, mainly on the messages window where it cuts off part of the last line. It happens with the default font, so its not a font window.

SethaWetha April 18, 2020 06:28


Originally Posted by moosferatu (Post 144647)
The GCU version has seamless windows. On other other hand, I'm not sure if you can configure their positioning.

What is GCU? Or rather what's the GCU version?

moosferatu April 18, 2020 12:44


Originally Posted by SethaWetha (Post 144662)
What is GCU? Or rather what's the GCU version?

I tried to find a page that documents the various Angband frontends, but wasn't able to.

There's just one frontend on Windows, but Linux has several: GCU, X11, SDL, and SDL2 (newest). The GCU frontend is implemented using curses (Has anyone actually tried playing the curses version recently?) and ncurses, which are old libraries for creating applications that run within terminal emulators. Unlike the other ports, GCU supports multiple windows by dividing the terminal window into sections.

I've only been here for a short while, but I believe the GCU version was the original version. I like it the most because I think modern terminal emulators do a better job rendering fonts than the other ports do, but I suspect I'm in the minority here and it does have some quirks.

The Linux versions are playable on Windows if you use something like Cygwin.

[Edit] I have never looked at FrogComposband, so I don't know what frontends it supports, but I'd imagine it's probably the same as Vanilla except for maybe not SDL2.

Pete Mack April 18, 2020 15:01

I play the curses version pretty often, actually. Until very recently it was the only way to play on Android

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