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Wiwaxia June 1, 2021 10:27

Mastery pacifist throne room advice?
After several misadventures, which I have also posted about today, I've got a run of my Elbereth-Delvings-Thresholds-Listen pacifist build within striking distance of the throne room. I've decided to use Song of Mastery to tackle the throne room, since Thresholds shenanigans are of no further use there.

Here's the dump:

I've got a fair amount of time left to dawdle on 950' collecting items, but I'm debating how best to split xp between melee for the crown, evasion, and yet more song. I'll probably need to grab Exchange Places as well.

No sharp weapons yet. My current candidate sil-cutters are a 3d7 greatsword of Hador's house and a 4d5 greataxe of black iron, not sure which would be better.

Thraalbee June 1, 2021 16:06

I won two games of sil-Q with mastery but both times I aimed for at least 40 points of song. Not sure how much you actually need but maybe sleeping everything will be a better choice?

Wiwaxia June 1, 2021 21:06

Just fount the Ring of Mairon, which puts me just barely in reach of 40 song, while !Grace lasts. Assuming it doesn't betray me.

edit: except I'll have to unequip my dagger of Cuivienen to have a hope of knocking off the crown or cutting anything. Hmm.

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