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Amnekian July 23, 2016 15:30

If Angband had achievements/trophies, what would they be?
So imagine a world where Angband was released on PS4/Xbone/Steam and it has acheivements. What would they be?

My suggestions:

I'm too young to die: Reach 1250 feet of depth
Hey, not too rough: Reach 2500 feet of depth
Hurt me plenty: Reach 3750 feet of depth
Ultra-Violence: Reach 5000 feet of depth
Nightmare!: Reach 6000 feet of depth
Aspect of Fingolfin: Killing Morgoth
The End is near: Killing Sauron
One Ring to rule them all: Finding the One Ring
A new force of Nature: Killing Tarrasque
We are Legion: Found every unique
The fall of a Legion: Killing every unique
Everything but stab proof: Acquiring every resistance
Iron Man lives again!: Beat the game in Iron Man mode

Pete Mack July 23, 2016 18:32

I recall talking to a game developer about this once. (Not about angband, but about how achievements are chosen.) It turns out, Achievements are mostly intended to reward the casual or beginning players, not the expert player. So most achievements are for really easy activities, with only a handful for difficult targets. Many are actually hints on ow to play th game. So an example would be "make first trip to level 7 or deeper and return, or "kill 5 uniques in one game".

bio_hazard July 25, 2016 18:17

Along those lines, maybe

Fast (achieve speed +10)
Faster (achieve speed +20)
Fastest (achieve speed +30)
OverAchiever (Kill a monster >10 levels out of depth)
...better part of valor (TO or banish a monster >10 levels out of depth)
Luck of the Valar (Hit points = 0)
Treasure Hunter (crack your first vault)
United Nations (play all races)
Jack of all trades (play all classes)
Superman (max all stats)
Exterminator (kill everything in a pit)
Packrat (fill your home with items found in the dungeon)
Packs a punch (do 1000 damage before monster gets to act)

Pete Mack July 25, 2016 20:54

Buffed! Use multiple kinds of buffing at the same time. But, yes, your examples are exactly the kind of thing MS recommends for achievements.

Estie July 25, 2016 21:24

*SPLAT!* - go below -500 HP

Holy Diva - reach dlvl 98 with a female green book character while being clvl 30 or less.

Big Game Hunter - kill 10 ood uniques on the same level.

Pink Floyd - get LOS to Qzzapljsgrusrg while hallucinating.

Elbereth - get completely surrounded by 8 Ringwraiths.

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