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Nick November 15, 2018 21:01


Originally Posted by Gwarl (Post 134246)
A master branch druid might be a good idea.

Suits me - the druid has some new mechanics in the spells that I'd like feedback on. Also gives me an excuse to work on the new monster list rather than bugfix on the master branch ;)

Nick September 12, 2021 23:23

Gwarl and I have agreed that I'm going to run competitions for a bit. We've had a couple of threads fairly recently - here and here - what do people think next? Is it better to wait for 1.5.0 to come out before a Sil-q comp? The new FAangband should definitely wait for 2.0.1, because 2.0.0 has serious bugs.

Opinions welcome :)

HugoVirtuoso September 12, 2021 23:27

I'd say a 2-week Frogcomposband-nightly NON-Thrall Lucky Archon Rune-Knight should be next

Nick October 16, 2021 01:46

Competition 238 is up, and will take us into mid-November. After that I'm thinking another month-ish competition (Xygos, perhaps?), then hopefully a Sil-Q 1.5 comp in time for Christmas (presents!).

Nick November 13, 2021 21:51

What do people want next? Is Xygos ready for a competition, or something else?

Nick December 23, 2021 06:07

All right, so the plan was to do a Sil-q 1.5.0 comp for Christmas. Problems encountered so far:
  1. It's not released;
  2. Quirk is not currently around;
  3. I haven't played Sil for ages (and never Sil-q), so have no idea what a good character type is;
  4. I have only just made the connection between the fact I haven't done anything yet, and the date.
Thoughts? Advice?

wobbly December 23, 2021 06:49

I think it'd be fun to play the classical Sil 1.3. Whichever way you go Doriath or Finarfin if its a Singer. Any of the Noldor for warrior.

HugoVirtuoso December 23, 2021 13:12

Do Sil 1.3 for its throwback nostalgic Christmas �� gifts!

fph December 23, 2021 14:42


Originally Posted by HugoTheGreat2011 (Post 156717)
Do Sil 1.3 for its throwback nostalgic Christmas �� gifts!

I also love them, but In retrospect they sound unusual... :D

"This game is very careful about Tolkien lore; it has a strict first-age setting and removes the unacceptable anachronisms and joke monsters that you may find in Angband. But, also, we added Christmas and Easter presents, woo!"

Nick January 3, 2022 22:02


Originally Posted by Nick (Post 156711)
All right, so the plan was to do a Sil-q 1.5.0 comp for Christmas.

Update: Sil-Q 1.5 is now out, and will be used for the next competition.

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