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Tibarius November 8, 2020 16:51

4.2.1 spellbooks
Trying to mod the mage class spells, i get an 'error reading item'.

All i do is renaming 'First Spells' into 'Mage Spells' in all ocurrances in
class.txt. Magic books are defined in object_base.txt and realm.txt.
No more entries in object.txt (like in some older versions).

Anyone has a clue why that error occurs? It looks like some hardcoded stuff
isn't available in the /gamedata directory for modifing.

wobbly November 8, 2020 17:08

Works for me. I downloaded a fresh copy of 4.2.1 and changed all occurrences of First Spells to Mage Spells in class.txt ran it, rolled up a mage. worked fine.

Tibarius November 8, 2020 19:45

my fault
Was a savefile incompatibility, my fault ... sorry for bothering.

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