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Hounded November 13, 2020 21:03

Sometimes the RNG Apologizes
So after the unlamented death of my Gnome Mage with his plethora of heavy Elven Armour, the MorningStar "Firestar" and the Helm of Helm Hammerhand wherein I became convinced the RNG had taken a malevolent interest in me I decided to try a Kobold Necromancer and low and behold I have discovered that not only is the RNG sapient, but it apparently has a conscience.

Turn 265, Depth 50', Found the Dagger 'Dethanc'. It was the third item I saw in the dungeon. Okay, that's pretty cool for a Necro. The lightning's bolt effect takes care of all kinds of critters and I even do some okay damage in Bat Form.

Depth 500', Level 14. Amulet of ESP. Now I'm starting to get that "someones watching you feeling" and waiting for the computer to pop up a little "Are you there?" message. How long can this luck last?

So, surely I can't be the only one. Tell us when did the RNG apologize to you?

Sideways November 13, 2020 22:02

If I were having that kind of luck, I'd be waiting for the computer to pop up a little 'The Drolem breathes poison. You die' message.

Sky November 13, 2020 22:35

no, he's a kobold, he resists poison. What he really needs is the Terrasque 60 levels out of depth to breathe disenchantment.

Grotug November 22, 2020 00:26

nah, the Phoenix will get him.

Estie November 22, 2020 09:32

He has ESP. My money is on a Q summon.

Hounded November 24, 2020 22:02

Second artifact was Anduril so happy to have the Disenchant resist on board now. Actually closest call so far is tied between Ancient White Dragon ('cause I always gotta try to hit it just one more time) and a cluster of fire ants (I apparently am NOT a sexy shoeless god of war). With decision-making prowess like this it's no wonder my wins are so rare. :)

Hounded December 6, 2020 21:12

Oh fickle fate. From a beautiful equipment set missing only RBlind and including acid immunity I find the Trident of Wrath. All I'm giving up is RDisenchant (stop laughing Sky).

Aether hounds, I've slaughtered a dozen or so previously so long as I pick my ground carefully they're not a problem. It breathes disenchantment... 2hp... well crap. Use that staff of teleportation.

Someone recently posted, "Don't anthropomorphize the RNG, it makes it angry." This thread may one day be found in a dictionary under "irony".

You fail to to use it correctly... the Aether Hound breathes disennchantment (again!?!)... your hp are obscenely negative... you realize that perhaps *Healing* or the Boots of Wormtounge would have been smarter...

Perhaps a Rogue for my next go-round. O was really enjoying the sneak and pilfer approach.

Pete Mack December 7, 2020 01:43

Your .sig is particularly apropos today!

Jay December 7, 2020 20:09


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 149831)
Your .sig is particularly apropos today!

Username, too.

DavidMedley December 7, 2020 20:23


Originally Posted by Jay (Post 149865)
Username, too.

Haha, good point! I missed that.

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