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JBright December 14, 2020 17:09

[Bug 4.2.1] Lvl 50 Paladin crash on Word of Recall
Hi there,
First-time poster here, reporting a bug on Mac version of Vanilla 4.2.1. Apologies if this is not the best way to post a bug, was a little confused which was the preferred method.

My current Lvl 50 paladin (3400') now crashes on recall 100% of the time, whether from spell, rod, or scroll. The game just quits at the moment the character is supposed to be pulled up to town.

I suspect the the problem may have started at this one recent occasion when I used the single combat spell on a unique at Lvl 48, killed the unique while in SC which caused me to reach lvl 49 while still in the arena, but was then stuck in the SC arena alone and no way to get out (clearly some bug or malfunction). With no other option I recalled straight from the arena to town which worked... but ever since then recalling has crashed the game every single time. So I've just been playing with no recall for a while, pining for my gear stored up at home. Perhaps the save file was somehow corrupted with the single combat malfunction?

Happy to transmit the save file in whatever manner works. Naturally I'd love to keep this character and get recall back since I was closing in on the endgame!

Many thanks to those who work so hard maintaining this wonderful game.

Nick December 14, 2020 20:20

This is a known bug in 4.2.1. You should be able to attach your savefile here if you compress it to a .zip file first (there's a 'manage attachments' button). I will have a go at fixing it, but I can't promise anything.

JBright December 15, 2020 02:05

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Hi Nick,
Many thanks for the reply, and any attempt to fix is much appreciated. I didn't realize this was a known bug. Save file zip is attached.

Single combat is a great spell by the way, a very nice means of giving the Paladin a unique and distinct combat tactic. It's very useful without being overpowered, and fits well with the overall style and gameplay of a Paladin. So, great work with that one.

Nick December 15, 2020 21:11

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OK, this should work, tell me if it doesn't.

JBright December 16, 2020 18:40

Thanks so much for taking the time with this. So, the first time I used the new save file and tried to recall, it crashed again. But I saved just before recalling, and when I reopened the game and used the same save file and recalled from the same spot, it did not crash upon recalling. I then went back in the dungeon, repeated recall, and once again it did not crash.

[If it matters, I also noticed the game had created a .new version of the save file alongside the regular one when I reopened after the crash; I used the regular one and not the .new one when I restarted]

So that's where things stand: one more crash and then it seems to be fixed. I don't want to take any more of your time with this one file... but let me know if there's anything you'd like me to do or any info I can provide that may help you fix the bug for good moving forward.
Thanks again!

Nick December 16, 2020 20:10

OK, good, and thanks for reporting that it crashed again once.

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