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d_m July 27, 2010 14:40

Intersting way to cheat on Linux
So I just used a trick I've known about for awhile while trying to look at a bug, and realized it could be really abusive.

On Linux, you can launch Angband multiple times. Both will load from the same save file. The trick is that the *second* Angband to exit will overwrite whatever happens to the save file after the first Angband exits.

So, if you're about to take a risk, or try something that might not work, you could save and quit. Launch two Angbands and try it in the first Angband (leaving the second alone). If it works, quit #2 and keep playing. If it fails (and you die) quit #1, save #2, relaunch and voila, you are still alive.

I wonder if this is possible on Windows, and also if it's worth worrying about.

buzzkill July 27, 2010 15:11

I've done this accidentally on windows. I left a session open. Not realizing it I came back and opened a new session, played a while, made good progress then saved and closed. Then, realizing my old session was still open (and not thinking) I closed it, overwriting my new save and losing all progress.

starstealer July 27, 2010 17:44

Effectively, this would work out the same as making a copy of the save file yes?

Derakon July 27, 2010 17:50

Basically, yes. You can think of the second Angband session as being like loading your savefile into a copy buffer.

fizzix July 27, 2010 18:04

seems not worth worrying about to me. It's pretty trivial to save-scum, this is about as complicated.

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