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MWGE July 30, 2008 13:19

please could someone send me...
I am working in China at the minute and can't get to the NPP sites at all since they are for some reason blocked here....which is annoying!

if someone could send me the latest NPP .exe for windows i would be very grateful :)

if you PM me i will provide my email address

sorry to ask but it's just such a pain trying to use the net here and i can't use proxies on a work machine...would be very bad form!

Mangojuice July 30, 2008 13:37

Me too, if anyone has them, including the sourcecode package. (The website isn't blocked, it's gone.)

MWGE July 30, 2008 14:17

well i asked about that before and a kindly person answered that they could hit the forum pages but not the homepage...

i can't get either here in China

Donald Jonker July 31, 2008 00:49

If you don't require the absolute latest, the Fury has NPP on archive:


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