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archolewa January 17, 2020 16:11

Christopher Tolkien has Died
Christopher Tolkien has died at the age of 95:

Many thanks to him for bringing the Silmarillion out into the light of day, and inspiring Angband. May he go on to whatever Eru Iluvatar had planned for Man when we move beyond Middle Earth.

Sphara January 17, 2020 16:29

He looked more like 70 rather than 95.
Maybe fantasy keeps you young.


Nick January 17, 2020 21:30

I am enormously grateful to him for publishing all his JRRT's works. My favourite is "Of Tuor and his coming to Gondolin", published in Unfinished Tales. Amazing that he spent 40-odd years of his life ensuring that his father's legacy would be appreciated in a way that would have pleased him.

DrWho42 January 20, 2020 03:20

rip christopher tolkien -_-

DavidMedley January 21, 2020 00:44

I'd say he died of ripe old age and is flagged as a winner.

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