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Pete Mack January 25, 2020 23:58

We had a little discussion on monster names in angband on
Sil has some good names for demons, using appropriate Sindarin words+Rauko (demon). In angband (and particularly in FA) there are a bunch of demons derived from DnD that could be renamed appropriately.
Heleg = ice (Gelugon) (Sil uses Ring(a) (as in Ringil), meaning cold.)
Aithorn = lightning (Pazuzu)
Lhw= disease (Osyluth)
Sangwa, hloima=poison any number of names for blood or Gore

Also, makes little sense to have both Fury and Erinyes (original Greek name) for different demons.

Nick January 26, 2020 00:12

Here is an outline of my policy for monster name changes in the revamp of the monster list for 4.2. The D&D demons I basically deemed to be sufficiently traditional to Angband now that they should stay.

Note too that erinyes were actually replaced by furies for precisely that reason :)

Pete Mack January 26, 2020 00:17

Fair enough. But the option is still there for FA.

Nick January 26, 2020 02:10

Yes, good point.

wobbly January 26, 2020 03:40

Oh if we are talking about FA as well I found:

"Maeg Loboth" - sharp rabbit

Pete Mack January 26, 2020 04:31

Anyway, I am making a list

achas - dread
batho - to trample (reaper) (bathoth= trampling) or critha- reap v. (from criss-- slice n.)
baug,buaglir = tyrannous, tyrant
dagnir - slayer, bane ;degant--slay v.
deleb - horrible, abominable
... more ater

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