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Derakon October 17, 2011 06:14

[OSX] Text completely garbled
It's been awhile since I played Angband, so I figured I should get a game or two in to keep my hand in. So I did git pull; make -f Makefile.osx; open ../ and got this:

This persists for other screens, and if I blindly go ahead and make a character, the town looks like this:

Looks like some kind of font trouble, maybe? One thing to note is that when using the cursor to scroll through the races/classes during character creation, the act of selecting one changes the text that is displayed.

Very strange.

Nick October 17, 2011 07:35

The UTF-8 stuff has completely broken the Mac ports (Carbon and Cocoa). 3.3.2 still works fine, but the nightlies need fixing.

Derakon October 17, 2011 16:42

Aw, dang. Well, thanks for letting me know.

fizzix October 17, 2011 18:34

it's actually a new challenge mode.

Derakon October 17, 2011 18:56

How would you tell if you've won?

Magnate October 17, 2011 20:19


Originally Posted by Derakon (Post 62140)
How would you tell if you've won?

Everything will look perfect.

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