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tangar March 26, 2020 14:29

Multiplayer Angband variants history
I've tried to gather Angband history in one chain:

The idea - so newcomer could understand the origin of the genre and to 'feel' it's history. Story starts from singleplayer masterpieces, but eventually become focused around multiplayer variants, as I'm mostly interested in them. It's was especially interesting to collect letters from initial game's developers; to see the situation from their point of view at that point of time.

I'll be glad to include there more information. If you found an inaccuracy or error, please report it!

Avenger March 26, 2020 19:53

Interesting read.

I've played MAngband and other online variants on and off since probably about 2000, but there was a lot in there I wasn't aware of.

Some of the history, and a lot of the technical stuff, wasn't anything I'd heard of before, and while I've looked at the code base, the description you provide there was even more informative(probably because I am a very weak C programmer =P).

I've dabbled with some online stuff in Java(my preferred language), although my current project is back to single player/offline(and not in any sense an Angband variant), but I do plan on building a roguelike MMO at some point in the future, and it helps to see how it's been done successfully in the past.

tangar March 27, 2020 07:40

Thanks :) MAngband story was just recently added by Flamband ( ). I hope other devs could consider one day to write full history of their variant's too :)

Avenger March 27, 2020 09:20

I know the Cthangband Maintainer has done so, but I'm not aware of anyone else. It would certainly be interesting to learn more of the history of other variants.

debo March 27, 2020 14:14

This is very cool! Thanks for writing it up.

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