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Magnate May 13, 2009 19:54

Broken squelch in trunk is down so I can't check to see whether there's already a ticket for this, but I've just noticed that squelch-on-pseudo is broken. I chose to squelch {average} bows and armour items, and my magical (+4,+6) longbow was marked as {squelch}, along with all my [x, +y] magic armour items. When I set the squelch levels to {bad}, the squelch inscriptions went away, so it might be an off-by-one error.

On a related note, I set melee weapons to squelch {good}, and my fully-IDd good weapons did not get squelched (but the {magical} ones did). IIRC they should have done, unless they had inscriptions (which they didn't).

Zikke May 13, 2009 21:01

Unfortunately I have nothing of substance to contribute to this topic, but I do want to point out this is a great place to make "junk in the trunk" joke.


PowerDiver May 13, 2009 22:28

Squelching average is *seriously* broken. Don't use it.

Magnate May 14, 2009 08:11


Originally Posted by PowerDiver (Post 19004)
Squelching average is *seriously* broken. Don't use it.

I thought that was the case - I'm now up to squelching {good} armour, and it seems to work fine.

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