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Indigo August 26, 2012 20:06

Mac OS 10.8.1 install
Ok ... long time Angband player but just recently made transition to a Mac. So far it has been a little painful. Apologize in advance if this is a silly question.

Trying to install Angband 3.3.2 and get the following error ...

Cannot create '/Volumes/Angband-v3.3.2/'

Tried several different install versions and all do the same thing.

Help anyone?


myshkin August 26, 2012 21:51

How are you installing, just dragging from the dmg to ... what is /Volumes/Angband-v3.3.2, the disk image? Probably you want to drag the application into a directory on your hard disk, /Applications by default.

Indigo August 27, 2012 01:49

SOLVED: Mac OS 10.8.1 install
Thank you. Still trying to get used to the Mac. Dragging the file to the applications is exactly what needed to be done. I was trying to run it from the download file.


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