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clouded May 12, 2013 09:22

[Sil] Recorded Edain game
Spoilers: it ends in me dying in an extremely anticlimactic way, so look forward to that. It is in .ttyrec form, you need a tty player to watch it, termrec is an easy option. It is in two parts.

Edit: link has expired

debo May 12, 2013 12:49

Just started watching. If I'd had to deal with that many orc soldiers at 50', I probably would have restarted :)

HallucinationMushroom May 12, 2013 13:13

Cool! I will watch tomorrow at work.

debo May 12, 2013 13:56

So, I'm starting to see the advantage of Keen Senses with a fragile character like this. That thing you do where you pull orcs into corner-hallways so that they'll line up instead of bunching up near the entrance is a LOT easier to manage when you can see them coming from an extra square away.

I use that strategy all the time but (a) I'm not as good at it as you are, and (b) I generally rely on finding radius-2 light in the early game or walking around with drained CON. For Noldor (and even Naugrim) this isn't a big deal because they're tuff, but for these Edain guys I usually don't survive past 400', and this could be a huge help in that regard.

debo May 12, 2013 13:59

Another thing that I was thinking about -- I just realized how much one's survivability increases in the first 400' once one learns how to "trick" the pack and archer AI. The funny thing is that these 'tricks' matter a lot less in the late game, since there are far fewer packs.

I don't have any specific commentary here -- I guess you would want experienced players to know things that help their survivability a lot. But it just feels... weird to see how much easier the game is if you know how to trick the AI into doing the same things over and over again.

debo May 12, 2013 14:07

I also noticed that you pool a LOT of XP (just now at 300ft you had 1800XP before you decided to buy a point of melee for 800 lol), especially in the early game -- is this because you forget to spend it, or are you doing it on purpose to stay flexible?

I always forget to spend XP in the first few hundred feet as well :)

clouded May 12, 2013 14:28

I spend a lot of time this game wondering "hm, what abilities should I get..." before just buying a point more melee/evasion, I think it is mainly about stalling the decisions. I wasn't worried too much about flexibility, just having good melee/evasion is enough to be flexible with equipment, though I was fairly certain I wanted to go with heavier weapons.

Keen senses is one of the best abilities in the game, in my opinion. I've said it before, but I hate to play without it.

Interesting point on the AI.

debo May 12, 2013 21:36

Watched up to 400'. Learned a few things -- inscribing items w/ the depth you found them at is a really smart idea.

I'm glad to see someone else take a quick timeout in a corner to chug-id every potion in inventory :) "Fuck this, I REALLY need a drink."

I really like this style of game-recording, reminds me of my days spent idling on and watching people ascend with ludicrous scores. Would be really cool if we could associate ttyrecs with ladder dumps -- actually for all I know, we already can!

I play on OS/X and I don't think there's any sane way of doing a ttyrec short of playing sil in an xterm, which I'm not quite ready for yet :)

HugoTheGreat2011 May 13, 2013 02:02

Where can I find a tutorial to record with termrec? I tried to record a recent Sil attempt without any success...

clouded May 13, 2013 07:51

You need to compile a GCU version of Sil and then play it in a terminal, on windows that would require you to get and setup either cygwin or msysgit (I used cygwin in this instance). There is a compile.txt file with Sil that has instructions.

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