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Chud November 11, 2019 18:01

Other games that work with permanent death
Taking a gameplay approach from Angband elsewhere, what other games work well with the permanent death approach? I know Diablo has that option.

I'm currently trying it with a run through Fallout 4, though I think that's going to be pretty difficult because there are so many ways to die by complete surprise. What else works well this way?

Derakon November 11, 2019 19:08

"Roguelike" is an entire genre and most games in the genre feature permadeath, though it's sometimes optional. So there's the classic roguelikes like NetHack, ADOM, Crawl, etc. There's also modern roguelikes like Caves of Qud, Dungeonmans, and Tangledeep. But then there's also the "roguelite" genre, which mixes permadeath and procedural generation with other kinds of gameplay besides bump-combat dungeon exploration. For example, Spelunky and Catacomb Kids are roguelite platformers. Nuclear Throne and Cryptark are roguelite twin-stick shooters. Crypt of the NecroDancer is a roguelite rhythm game. Teleglitch is roguelite survival horror. And Transcendence is roguelite space inertial combat and exploration.

I recommend all of the above games I named, but especially NecroDancer and Cryptark. That should keep you busy for a bit. :)

tangar November 11, 2019 19:27

Recently I've started 'Rage of Mages 2' server - very old and cool online RPG:

There are a lot of new stuff (comparing to old RoM2), and permadeath is one of them. You loose all exp upon dying :) Also your items drops on the ground, you hve to pick them up

takkaria November 12, 2019 14:38

Universal Paperclips has a very permanent death: Played it through last night

Pete Mack November 12, 2019 14:59

Hangman, perhaps?

Chud November 13, 2019 04:57

Hangman is probably about my speed, it looks like. :-)

Fallout is very challenging, it turns out. Three tries so far, died by level 7 each one. (For those not familiar, by the time you win the game you are usually in the level 50-70 range, on average.) This may prove too frustrating for me, we'll see....

Hounded November 22, 2019 23:24

Land of Devastation is an old BBS game which I thoroughly enjoyed. It'll run on any DOS based machine and handles well even as a single-player experience.

There are some safety nets in addition to being able to set up a clone (only available back at the starting point and tied to the point in the game when you set it up. If you die in the Wasteland your equipment stays with the corpse).

It's also ridiculously easy to re-skin if one has the ambition to do so. I spent a pile of time re-skinning it for a Dune theme (wish I still had those files).

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