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Glorfindel January 22, 2020 00:19

The Ring is Mine/Destroy It!
So, as I said in the report after what is so far the only game I have won, I got the One Ring on that occasion, but decided that before using it, I would first drop it into lava in a long corridor where there wasn't room for it to be displaced to somewhere else. The idea was to ceremonially attempt to destroy it before I gave in and took it for myself. Since then, I am pretty sure I have made an artifact disappear by dropping it into magma, so I suppose it is possible to destroy the One after all.

All this has been brought to a crux by my finding the One Ring again. I am not, so far as I know, a person with insane luck, to find the One Ring twice in less than 18 months; I mentioned here that I have been scumming levels 97-99 for a long time now, hoping to find certain (to me) legendary items. In that time, I have only found two of them (the One Ring doesn't count, since I have found it before), and have built up a ridiculous store of consumables for the Morgoth fight, and I confess I am getting tired of waiting.

Anyway, I have the Ring, and I have my hallway of lava, so I put it to you: should I attempt to destroy the One Ring by casting it into the fiery chasm from whence it came, a thing which I am not aware has ever been done on Angband before, or should I give myself a break, and have fun with the One Ring, and find out what 'bizarre things' are? A note; please don't tell me what the bizarre things are. I am not planning on another such run of endless scumming the depths in anything like the near future, so I don't know how long it will be before I ever find the Precious again.

Grotug January 22, 2020 00:22

I am skeptical of artifacts being destroyed in lava. I say go for it: throw into the chasm of lava, and when that doesn't destroy it, put it on and go hog wild with it.

Pete Mack January 22, 2020 00:29

Ordinary lava won't destroy it. You need the fires of Orodruin.

Glorfindel January 22, 2020 00:30

Here is the screendump. If I do try to destroy it, I'll post another with the message.

Glorfindel January 22, 2020 01:26

Well, I was wrong. The Ring cannot be destroyed by any means we here possess. It just fell across a room, around a corner, and at the feet of the nearest Balrog. It has a will of its own. Here it is on video; I thought that would be best, if it was destroyed.

Anyway, the Ring is mine, now.

Glorfindel January 22, 2020 02:01

Technically, that wasn't the initial attempt, but I stopped the video before I found the Ring the first time (it was only in the next room), and when the second take left the Ring right with the Balrog, it was too good not to emphasize.

I can still do one more thing with the Ring before claiming it as my own; I might have it measured just how precious it is. I suppose that they would want it at the magic shop, and it would be interesting to see how much money they would want me to pay to get it back. I suppose I am safe with my $1,713,565.

Such a sale would be interesting, as I think the most valuable artifact I actually ever sold before was Anduril, and that's a good cut below the One Ring. Perhaps I will sell Narya first (I won't be needing it anymore), just to judge something of the going price of Rings of Power.

Pete Mack January 22, 2020 02:52

It'd cost you a huge fortune--1.5M might not do it. (You can find out the cost by generating artifact spoilers (on a copy of the save file, so you don't get marked **WIZARD**.) Just wear the thing.

Glorfindel January 22, 2020 03:05

I am not going to sell the One Ring, after all. I see that its selling price is $1, and if it has an individualized selling price, it may have a buying price beyond even an endgame player's means.

Grotug January 22, 2020 06:55

Level 50 @ enters the store.
He is greeted by the shopkeeper with a low bow. "Good day, my Lord. How may I be of service?"

@ looks at the various items on offer and is aghast to see The One Ring is for sale, but at a price far beyond his means.

"I'll take The One Ring, please."

"That will be 2,632,913 gold pieces, your highness."

"How about you just hand it over." @ places his hand on the hilt of his gleaming sword.

"I am sorry, my lord, I am not able to do that."

"And I am sorry that you value this trinket more than your life." @ unsheathes the massive sword and presses the point into the neck of the frightened shopkeeper.

"Very well, my lord! It is yours!" And with a painful hesitation, the shopkeeper lifts The One Ring off its hook and holds it in his hand a moment. His gaze falls upon it, transfixed, despite the point of the blade pressing into the soft skin just below his Adam's apple. He then feels a sudden, painful jab of @'s weapon into his skin, and a trickle of blood zig-zags its way down his creased neck. He chokes out the word "Okay!" and his open palm moves over the counter towards @.

@ swiftly takes the ring and mutters under his breath "why I bother to pay for anything in this Maia forsaken town..." as he bashes in the face of a happy singing drunk standing in the way of his leaving the shop.

Glorfindel January 24, 2020 00:01

Or the alternative occurs to me of getting back to town after killing Morgoth and finding that Luthien Starshine has set herself up as the new Dark Lord.

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