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Pete Mack March 8, 2016 04:22

playing some Quickband!
Hadn't played in ages, and I always thought it was kind of fun. The CL 27 limit is causing me to do strange things like stand on the stairs quaffing CCW letting a nightmare pummel me, or letting a time vortex hit me for massive EXP drain--the stat drain is an acceptable side effect. I'd go kill the big bads but without rBase and only 1 !Heal, Saruman is not going to go down.

Antoine March 8, 2016 10:50

Very cool.

Post a chardump?


Pete Mack March 8, 2016 16:51

Don't have the computer with me atm, but I'll do I later. Maybe Quick should just limit CL to 30 and have a game clock like Sil? I'd be happy to make the change.
I have found very few ego items the whole game, but I almost immediately found =Speed(+6) and "Weaponmastery (my only source of Free Action.)

Pete Mack March 10, 2016 02:57

So I lost that character to an unresisted frost bolt from Adunaphel. I have come to realize that the cl27 limit restricts diving speed more than anything else: the exponential increase in EXP means killing a lesser servant or group of water trolls is a costly fight: The expected drop is much less valuable than the expected drop of an EXP-equivalent number of Orcs, and the Orcs are both less dangerous and not surrounded by gold and bronze dragons that bite to confuse or dragons that are otherwise dangerous. So the optimal strategy is to go to level 4-ish and scum until reaching CL 26.

I am not going to play high elf anymore. It is just impossible. I'd rather face playing with any other racial limit than this.

Antoine March 10, 2016 13:52


Originally Posted by Pete Mack (Post 109515)
I am not going to play high elf anymore. It is just impossible. I'd rather face playing with any other racial limit than this.

Happy for high elf to be loosened off a bit if its too nasty.

I'd be very pleased to see a new version but I am not doing much coding at the moment and I don't think I even have a platform that could compile Quickband. If you wanted to do a new release then I'd be happy to help to the extent possible??


Pete Mack March 11, 2016 01:15

Antoine-- I'd be happy to make a mini-release.
As i mentioned in a different thread, there are a few pet peeves I have about Quickband.
* Stealth is always shown in red on the character page
* No id-by-use
* Failure to exit cleanly on Windows
* Weapon damage info doesn't apply for ammo, bows.
* Charisma has too much effect on prices for a stat fixed to starting value.
* start without ?recall is annoying, and encourages timid play, especially for "Kingly" characters.
* Brigand & rogue should start with a sling. I end up quitting when there isn't one in the weapons shop.
* !CCW isn't quite common enough in shop.
* Limit in character level should be less than 50, and not just for high elf. Maybe 32?

I won't be making the changes right away; I need a little more feel for the game first.

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