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Dragget December 26, 2016 11:59

[4.0.5] Initial main window placement, and Tile Multiplier
I'm having some issues with the Angband main window positioning at application launch. When I first open the application, the main window appears like this:

This is an annoyance that has cropped up for me in previous versions of Angband as well (I played for awhile in '98 and '99, then came back to it again this year) After I open the application, I then have to move it down, (Alt-F for file menu, then Left arrow key to display Windows' move window interface, then more arrow keys to move the top left corner down enough so it's no longer underneath the Start Menu/Taskbar area, then mouse to drag it to final position.)

After I've moved it, we can see how it SHOULD look:

Once that part is done, I've been encountering another issue that crops up every time I start the application: Tile Multiplier.

As can be seen above, on launch, before I load a save file, it is set to 2x1. This is what I prefer, and it seems that the application has remembered this setting. However, after I select a save file and load it, this happens:

Now I have to go in and set if back to 2x1 from 4x2... I am currently working on two different characters, and this issue occurs with both of the save files. Every time I launch the application, I have to go through this annoying process to get things set up the way I want, and as I don't generally have time to play more than 45 minutes at a stretch, it really gets annoying after awhile. If the application had some way to properly remember my settings on launch, it would really be a lot less frustrating.

Final notes:
As part of further testing of this issue, I tried moving the Start Menu/Taskbar back to the bottom of the screen to see if that would make any difference: it didn't help. Whith the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the main Angband window opens EVEN HIGHER up so that the top of the window is completely off the display. Terminal windows are not affected by this issue: I moved them into the desired positions initially, and ever since, they have remained in the correct position on the screen for me.
I also created a new character to see if tile multiplier was somehow affected by my save file, but I ran into the same issue with the new save file: it forces initial selection to 4x2 and I have to change it to 2x1 on every load.

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