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Tibarius May 16, 2020 16:25

modifying monster.txt & monster_base.txt
Thank you sideways, your guess was right ... saved preferences caused the wrong display. Thanks a lot!

tangar May 16, 2020 16:46

I've got colors chart for PWMA there:
I suppose it's compatible with V (not sure though)

Sideways May 16, 2020 17:12


Originally Posted by Tibarius (Post 145534)
I modified monster.txt & monster_base.txt in version 3.5.1.

But instead of using the glyphs and colors of the .txt files in the /lib/edit directory it uses some random(?) colors glyphs it seems to me.

If i look at a monster i see my definitions as first and then a 2nd definition which comes from a place unknown to me.

Can't realy figure out which glyphs or colors are used.

Anyone an idea what could cause this or how to fix it? Thanks!

You have a .prf file somewhere, likely in /lib/user, that's overriding your new visuals. (3.5.1 itself doesn't come with such a .prf file, so it will be one you've created yourself earlier.) Locate and delete the .prf file (or just delete the parts about monster visuals if there's something else in it that's worth keeping) and your new visuals should take effect.

Tibarius May 16, 2020 17:13

quick response
Thanks for the quick response Tangar.

Obviously i couldn't express myself precise enough how the behavior of Angband 3.5.1 software is 'wrong'.

Thanks for the color hints so, those are available over the option '=' menu, and then edit visuals.

Trying to clarify:
The chars shown are not those defined in monster_base.txt.

My problem is:
monsters, for example in the town, are usually shown as 't' char. I redefined some into 'h'uman and other races. But the game does not show a 'h' but still shows townmonsters with 't'. And i wonder where that behavior comes from, or what causes it???

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