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Grotug May 16, 2020 21:44

So healthy
Just started up a Half Troll warrior on the May 9th nightly and he is just about the healthiest early game character I've ever had. He had 84 hitpoints at CL4, 100hp at CL5 and just hit CL6 with 122HP.

Grotug May 16, 2020 22:47

And he very nearly dies. Priests blind and frighten him, and then warriors come and pummel on him. He only has two cure light wounds and becomes surrounded in a corridor blinded and frightened so has no choice but to quaff one of them and ?phase, but soon it's more of the same. The Priest hits him with another ball of light and @ is now at 0 health and blind. @ quaffs the last cure light wound and a potion of speed and makes a run for it. But the priests have summoned an umber hulk!

My speed wears off and the umber hulk is still bee lining to me. He gets me, and I'm dying as I flail about, confused, and now stunned. I quaff my last speed and an unknown potion. Will it give me one last chance to escape? Seems unlikely, but it's cure serious wounds! Whew! Back up to 52 health. He confuses me again, though. Though confused, I luckily stumble a square away from him since I'm hasted. I quaff the last cure serious wound and ?phase. I make another run for it. My speed wears off so I read a word of recall, but the Umber Hulk is on me again. I'm flailing at him again and he is killing me not so slowly, but I'm also getting in some damage and have him about 50% dead. I'm confident the recall is going to kick in in time and it does. I stumble around the town for awhile before the confusion finally clears, bumping heads with a filthy street urchin who makes off with 234 gold pieces.

Grotug May 17, 2020 14:38

So sickly...
Well, shortly after returning to the dungeon my healthy HT warrior died to another umber hulk.

Now I’m playing the sickliest half troll warrior ever: 73hp at CL7 (18/30 CON). And crash diving like none other thanks to ?DD and constantly finding down stairs. On DL12 and 894 standard turns.

EDIT: At CL14 he had 153hp. At CL17 he has 191hp. This is pretty bad for HT Warrior with 18/30 CON.

Grotug May 18, 2020 20:02

My ammo never broke in this game.

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