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Tibarius May 20, 2020 18:51

Initializing monster lore
Angband stops working while "Initializing monster lore" is done.

Version 4.0.4, Windows 10

I redefined monster_base.txt and populated the first 5 dungeon levels with monsters.
Edit: Even after using the original monster_base.txt file i still get the same error.

What is angband trying to do / expecting?

One monster of each group at least?

Edit2: There is no message box information like if Angband encounters a parse error in a file. Just a plain crash.
Edit3: Error is not occuring, if i use original monster.txt => so it must have to do with some of the monsters.
Edit4: Error is still occuring, even if i add one monster of each base template into the monster.txt file.
Edit5: Odd is, that if i use the original files, and choose File=>New and override the old savefile (also if i choose a complete new savefile name)
that if i check monster knowledge as first thing, there are still known monsters from the dungeon.
From which savefile does that monster memory information come from? Maybe it is required to delete that old monster memory once
you tweak monster.txt (?)

Edit6: BINGO! If i delete lore.txt application starts up and seems to work correctly on first sight.

So problem solved, but i leave the post nevertheless, eventually the devteam wants to make a message box error message if something messes
up lore initialization (my guess would be index out of bounds, if the lore contains information of races / templates /monsters removed.

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