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archolewa January 6, 2021 07:33

First Time Ever Finding the One RIng!
Right after killing Morgoth. -_-

Killed Morgoth, noticied Paizuzu nearby, so I figured I'd go and kill him with Grond before quitting. What does Paizuzu drop? The One Ring. So naturally I pop that sucker on and go kill a few more uniques before quitting. Because you can't just find the One Ring and NOT wear it for a while.

Also used the Glaive of Pain against Morgoth. That was fun, and it's rare that I don't find a Mace of Disruption with a Slay Evil brand or something that does more damage. But a Bloodlusting Werewolfed Blackguard does some pretty crazy damage with the Glaive of Pain, especially against enemies with don't resist poison.

Sky January 6, 2021 17:15


i had no less than Sauron drop T1R.

It's like when you cannot for the life of you find your car keys. You know - the ones you're holding in your other hand? WHERE ARE MY CAR KEYS !!

Same thing for Sauron. He was looking for T1R everywhere but forgot he put it in his vest pocket last night or something.

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