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eastwind January 26, 2020 04:33

Volunteer to test VS build solicited
I have put together a works-for-me build of angband under Visual Studio 2019. The necessary code fixes have now been merged into master.

I'm in the process of putting up a git pull request that will have the solution and project files in it and a document with instructions on how to set them up and use them.

I'd really like to find a volunteer to try to work through the instructions on their machine to make sure they are clear, don't leave anything vital out, and to make sure that the solution and project files I am supplying are portable to environments & machines other than mine.

Somebody who's never used VS before would be a strong test of the instructions. It's supposed to be easy. I hope.

Pagaronn January 29, 2020 12:04

Hi Eastwind, I could try this week-end if it's okay with you. I will like to build and run angband on VS. It's a geeky achievement that I want to get! I tried with Brogue the other day out of curiosity. I will need more time to make it work but if you have a doc and steps to follow for Angband, I'll be glad to help.

eastwind January 30, 2020 02:09

Great, I checked in everything you'll need, it's under src\win\vs2019. The doc is the "Building with Visual Studio 2019.docx" file (that's a MS word file, hopefully you've got a reader for it), and the other files in that folder are the rest of what you need, as described in the docx, except for VS and the git plugin which you download & install off the web.

Please post any questions you have to this thread (so if others follow they can see the answers) and I'll try to check in often over the weekend to respond with alacrity if you run into anything.

Pagaronn February 2, 2020 04:59

Where is the link? Not sure where to look! :-)

eastwind February 2, 2020 16:48

There's no link to instructions on web page, the instructions are checked into the repository. Maybe I'll get them on the wiki eventually, but for now I was looking for a volunteer already familiar with building angband using other tools who was willing to test using the Visual Studio tools.

Today's the superbowl, so I might not be able to answer questions later.

Pagaronn February 3, 2020 23:47

I have no idea where to start. You do a have a link to the project where I can download it?

I have VS2017 for work. I would check if I can compile with this version.

Pete Mack February 4, 2020 00:22

It is a git project:

Powershell> git clone

(Or command prompt window or whatever. But it requires git.)

eastwind February 4, 2020 06:31

You can clone to a temporary location, then read the doc at src\win\vs2019"Building with Visual Studio 2019.docx".

Clone the master, not 2.4.0., or the directory won't be present.

EpicMan February 8, 2020 22:08

I got it to work on Windows 10 with Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (i.e. the free one). Played a bit and verified new game, save and load work. Good work, I have not been able to successfully build Vanilla in VS until now.

One small change,I might suggest would be to edit the .sln file line 6 to replace "Angband\Angband.vcxproj" with "Angband.vcxproj" to allow the project and solution files in the same directory. Then you don't need to create any additional folder structures, you just copy them all into the "angband" directory and run it from there.

AnonymousHero February 14, 2020 21:40

This is exactly why Angband should just bite the bullet and move to CMake. It'll happily generate solution files, etc. I've offered to help before, but it fell on deaf ears :(

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