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Zorbus September 6, 2021 00:17

Release 52 (06-Sep-2021)
  • Fixed a bug where animated skeletons would needlessly pick up several armors and shields. (thanks to Faeren for reporting)
  • Level-wide anchor/wither-effects are removed when you go to another dungeon level / Carillo. (thanks to nopenope for reporting)
  • Golems and clones are no longer counted as real recruits when maximum number of recruits based on Spirit-ability is determined. (thanks to nopenope for suggesting)
  • Holy Burst talent is disabled in quickslots and talents list if there are no evil creatures seen. Same for the wand.
  • Some devices, mostly wands, are disabled in quickslots and inventory if they can't be used (for example, a wand might affect seen hostiles, but is disabled if none is seen).
  • Health bars under creatures are now framed with black, making them stand out more. (thanks to Namsan for suggesting)
  • New setting: White Health bars under friendly creatures. If enabled, Health bars under friendly creatures are white instead of green. Might help to distinguish friendly creatures from hostile creatures if you are suffering from red-green color blindness. (thanks to Namsan for suggesting)
  • Clicking left mouse button on a distant hostile creature no longer throws a throwable weapon unless it's of returning-type.
  • Clicking left mouse button on a distant hostile creature now respects the "Attack marked auto swaps to shooting set" setting, meaning that if the setting is enabled, and passive weapon set has a shooting weapon, then weapon set is swapped.
  • Fixed several characters in in-game books and help texts, that caused odd characters in some non-English Windows-versions. (thanks to Namsan for reporting)
  • has a roguelike development related "book" in PDF-format called "Building Zorbus one brick at a time".
Big thanks to Maximum Break (Gidon) and Another Dying (Jay) for making YouTube let's play videos of the game!
Another Dying:
Maximum Break:

Zorbus September 19, 2021 19:01

Release 53 (19-Sep-2021)
  • New talent: Expert Trapper. Normally you can set traps to nearby tiles only, but with this talent you can set traps traps on tiles up to distance 3. Setting a trap never fails and takes only half the time it would normally take to set. Traps set by you are harder to avoid, and possible damage or duration is increased by 50%. You will also gain a +4 bonus to Disable-checks when disabling traps.
  • New talent: Expert Enchanter. Normally you can safely enchant an item with 3 enchantments, and every enchantment point above 3 decreases the enchantment chance by 15 percentage points. Plusses, extra elemental damage points, holy-/returning-/vampiric-properties, and on-hit effects count as enchantments. With this talent you can enchant items safely without any restrictions. Tieflings get this talent automatically.
  • New item: Scroll of Disjunction. This scroll separates enchantments from the main-hand weapon of the active weapon set into separate enchantment scrolls. Even if the weapon has several plusses, only one Scroll of Enchant Weapon is created. Sentient weapons are not affected.
  • New item: Elixir of Ability. Increases a random ability score. Only available in shops, restocked every now and then.
  • Non-unique armor, shields, and weapons in shops are a bit cheaper now.
  • Fixed a bug where companions would just drop a better item after you gave it to them through item exchange. Reminder: Companions won't change equipped items that are set by the player in companions' equipment lists. Ammunition is an exception.
  • Trap tweaks. Fixed a bug where no dialog was opened when you walked on a known floor trap that was on a tile with an opened door. You can now safely walk on floor traps set by you (the dialog is still opened). Reminder: in some situations you may want to intentionally spring a known trap, for example Animate, Confusion, Dismiss, Summon, or Anchoring traps. If you spring your own Animate or Summon trap, then the created creatures will be friendly towards you, and attack creatures that are hostile towards you. Animated creatures without a master will eventually turn hostile against everyone.
  • Fixed some grammar mistakes and typos.

Zorbus October 10, 2021 15:31

Release 54 (21-Sep-2021)
  • Fixed a severe bug in character generation. (thanks to David Mortin for reporting)
  • Scrolls of Disjunction are now generated only in shops. You're guaranteed to find 2 scrolls.
  • Scroll of Disjunction now shows a preview of possible disjunction results (a list of scrolls that will be created).
Release 54 - Patch 1 (30-Sep-2021)
  • Note: Your save files should work after the patch, but make a backup of the save folder before updating!
  • Fixed a bug that prevented using stairs / teleporters. (thanks to Zero and Synth for reporting)
Release 54 - Patch 2 (10-Oct-2021)
  • Fixed a bug where a creature was marked as caught in a web / slime even when escaped the map effect.
  • Fixed a bug where a creature was marked as poisoned even when the effect had ended.
  • Creatures are cured from poison and disease after using Die Hard or a life saving item.
  • You can now displace creatures from a cloud map effect.
  • You can now swap places with an animated or a summoned party member or a recruited golem from a harmful map effect.
  • New character archetype: infernal (tiefling).

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