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Dark April 19, 2009 12:26

Angbamd, without eyeballs!

I've just run across Angband recently, and so far I really like!

I'm actually registered blind (though i do have some vision), and have been wanting to play a decent exploration rpg for quite a long while, sinse the only video games I'm able to see to play tend to be more of the action variety, --- the 2D metroid games are about the closest I've come.

To read text on the internet etc, I use a screen reading speech synthesiser, sinse normal text (such as that in games), is way too small for me to read.

I've wanted to try roguelikes for quite a long time, as the exploration elements are really my sort of thing. The problem I've found though, when experimenting with Nethack or Adom, is Asqi graphics tend to be an absolute pain!

They are too small for me to actually see, and are a major pest with a screen reader, ----- you wouldn't believe how irritating hereing "hash hash hash hash hash" can get!

Angband however not only seems like a really great balance, but also has some incredibly handy features, ---- particularly in looking and targiting which make it the most playable roguelike I've tried.

Firstly, all the character info and text is obviously readable with my screen reader. Then however, using the old tyles set and big tyle mode, I've found graphics that have a good enough contrast to let me see basically where objects are (though not what they are), ---- though if anyone has created any larger or more contrasting graphics, I'd be interested to here.

The looking and targiting commands are also really handy for knowing what's around, especially as they can be scrolled through, and the go command can be used to move my character in the appropriate direction.

So, all in all really handy, ---- Thanks!

One thing that did occur to me, is that it wouldn't take much to make the game fully accessible to people with no site whatsoever, ---- just some extra informational commands, ---- in particular the ability to look directionally from the player and know the distance to the nearest object, the ability to gain distance and direction information using the targit or look commands, ---- Eg stairs down 5 north 20 east, and and perhaps alerts for the player on the location of unexplored possible exits when discovered by torchlight.

Sinse the game is open source, would making such changes be at all possible, ---- or would it take a total rewriting of the code.

Thanks in advance, and appologies for the long newby ramble.

PaulBlay April 19, 2009 13:24


Originally Posted by Dark (Post 17972)
Sinse the game is open source, would making such changes be at all possible, ---- or would it take a total rewriting of the code.

I don't see why they shouldn't be possible. I would also suggest reducing the range of ranged attacks (player and monster). If you are playing with large tiles then you are more likely to be hit by attacks from off screen.

There are several possible approaches.

1. Start a new variant (from 3.1.0 beta base). I don't know how many partially sighted people want to play roguelikes but they are your primary customer base for this.

2. Produce a patch (on 3.1.0. beta base). I think that if you are making lots of changes then a patch approach is going to be awkward.

3. Introduce a "blind-friendly" option to Vanilla Angband. Drawback is that those maintaining Angband may not be keen on additional options and, again, that large changes may be awkward to implement / maintain.

Perhaps one of the newer and smaller roguelike games would be easier to use as a code base?

In any case your biggest problem is going to be either learning to code or finding an interested volunteer to code for you. Good luck!

Dark April 19, 2009 13:47


Actually, the range thing seems okay thus far, ---- or at least it has with as much of the game I've played (which admittedly is only down to level 7 thus far), sinse the look command seems capable of finding monsters and other objects currently off screen, and thus targiting them for missile weaponry.

Seeing whether they are in a reasonable los for my character is possible for me, ---- but wouldn't be for someone with fewer eyeballs, and this is why I thought either a distance/coordinates system would work.

Unfortunately, sinse I have no coding skills whatsoever, this is more a sort of feature request, ---- and a way of increasing the amount of people interested in Angband.

Btw, I've just seen the double and triple tyle modes in Fangband, ---- and I'm mightily impressed! i'd be interested to know what other angband varients might come with them, ---- or if there would be a way of playing other angband varients with them.

Nick April 19, 2009 14:19


Originally Posted by Dark (Post 17975)
Btw, I've just seen the double and triple tyle modes in Fangband, ---- and I'm mightily impressed! i'd be interested to know what other angband varients might come with them, ---- or if there would be a way of playing other angband varients with them.

UnAngband has double and triple tile mode - I know, because I stole them for FAangband. Coding it in takes a bit of work, and I'm not aware any other variants planning to use them.

Nick April 19, 2009 14:43

You may be interested in a thread from the angband newsgroup here
about Vanilla for the blind.

Irashtar April 25, 2009 15:03

Another option, if you prefer ascii graphics is to change the font settings, It has a 16 by 25 font packaged with it, and Firefox has a built in zoom, control and plus.
You can also set a larger than Normal DPI to further increase the size of text.

Pete Mack April 25, 2009 16:27

Angband on Windows doesn't work with TrueType fonts? It certainly does on OSX...

Dark April 27, 2009 17:04


Thanks people.

Playing with graphics is actually weerdly easier for me than text, ---- sinse there's nothing to interfere with a screen reader, and there's the handy big yellow box especially in Faangband, ---- which also sutes me in terms of highlighting monsters etc.

I'll check the thread though, ---- thanks.

The only miner trouble i'm having at the second, ---- which I suspect is simply a n00b problem, is getting swarmed by a big pack of creatures and mobbed to death.

On one occasion a level 7 to 8 stairway (actually in Daajangband deposited me promptly into the laps of about 12 goblins, ---- and sinse I've thus far concentrated on playing Paladins and warriors, I've never had any good attacks for taking out multiple enemies at once.

Is that the point to turn tale and leg it? or is there a way around those sorts of situations.

I wouldn't ask, accept now all my games through three separate Angband varients (two of them playing as a Maia with uba stats), have ended this way.

Jungle_Boy April 27, 2009 22:24

Legging it is an ancient and time-honored strategy, something I have nt quite mastered which is why I've never had a winner...except that time I hacked the edit files and played a half-angel archon with 11 blows :)

buzzkill April 27, 2009 23:51

FA's wilderness is an unforgiving mistress. Experience will be your guide, but here's a tip. Wide open wilderness levels are much safer to cross while traveling North/South than East/West because you're always closer to an exit.

Therefore (depending on your home town), though a longer trip, you'll find it easier to approach Belgost from the South, rather than trying to plow straight westward.

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