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Therem Harth December 11, 2014 19:12

A humble suggestion re Morgoth
He should be able to shriek to aggravate monsters. Like a crebain, or a shrieker mushroom patch.

Why? Because, per the Silmarillion, he is an utter craven coward. He attacks his enemies with overwhelming force when he has an unfair advantage (c.f. Fingolfin), wrecks priceless things while Tulkas is asleep (c.f. the Trees of Valinor), cries for help from his balrogs when someone turns the tables on him (c.f. Ungoliant), and hides deep underground while his cronies die in droves (c.f. the War of Wrath). Screaming in childlike rage and fear is totally in his repertoire. :)

(Also, it would haste his summons...)

mushroom patch December 11, 2014 19:29

It would just be a waste of turns, though. If the player is allowing situations where the shriek would make a difference, the player is not going to win anyway. As such, most shrieks would do nothing.

emulord December 11, 2014 19:56

I love this! Shrieking stops happening in late game. It would be such a surprise, and way better than some of his existing spells.

Djabanete December 11, 2014 20:05

About it being useless: a check to see whether at least 100 dungeon levels worth of other monsters were in his LOS would fix that, right?

mushroom patch December 11, 2014 20:32

Well, I'm all for more sophisticated AI, but no, I don't think that check would make much of a difference either. If you're letting monsters hang around for more than a turn while fighting Morgoth, they must not pose any real threat. The check would either make the shriek never happen or make it happen in weird edge cases where you have a lot of unthreatening popcorn around that trips M's shriek threshold, so a wasted turn. The bottom line is that if there's stuff that would be threatening hasted, there's stuff that's threatening now and if that's the case, then the player is either already at work getting rid of it with banishment/TO or he's getting his ass handed to him and a round of Morgoth melee or a mana storm is going to be worse than the shriek.

debo December 11, 2014 22:13

He sings in Sil. It's pretty badass. Unfortunately he is IMO upstaged by Gorthaur, who has what is by far the cooler song.

quarague December 12, 2014 10:03

maybe we can combine his regular summoning with shrieking. Ie in stead of calmly casting some summoning spell as he does now, he just shreaks for help, with some nice description. This summons similiar monsters as currently but additionally these monsters are aggravated and get +10 speed.

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