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DGoldDragon28 December 25, 2018 18:25

[Announce] Unangband 0.7.0-pre1 released
This new version of Unangband is available here. I am working to fix the gibberish quest descriptions and improve the quests further, but hopefully this will tide you over until that happens :).


Changelog (Unangband 0.7.0-pre1 release)

### Game Play ###

- Carry the One Ring into the bowels of Orodruin to topple the Dark Lord Sauron
- Not all quest flags are yet implemented or fully tested
- Added a 'Fly' spell effect and a spell that uses it.

### UI Changes (thanks @dennis-roof) ###

- Added 'emergent narrative' option

- Better surface colours

### Bug Fixes ###

- Fixed wall-count bug in PCG

- Fixed several compiler warnings

- Fixed tmpnam compiler warning on linux (thanks @dennis-roof)

- Fixed crash on 64-bit systems (thanks @dennis-roof)

### Miscellaneous ###

- Removed unnecessary hard-coding of svals

- Removed many unused defines to reduce bloat

Firons2 January 18, 2019 10:10

I really love this fork of Angband. I can't wait to try it out properly, thanks!

clouded February 16, 2019 15:24

1 Attachment(s)
Hey, I've tried playing Unangband a little on but I always run into crashes. My attached savefile is a no-wilderness mode game that crashes randomly but very consistantly - any monster attacking me usually does it, selling an item to the store always does it. I've also had a couple of wilderness games that will refuse to load after a short period, if I can get a savefile of it in the future I will post one.

Note: has the version previous to 0.7.0, no idea if the crash you fixed is related.

Hopefully you can increase the stability of this variant, I think a lot of people would like to explore it.

DGoldDragon28 February 17, 2019 19:54

The savefile you attached is completely broken. It is labelled internally as 0.6.5a, but 0.6.5a fails to load the file. Are you sure you have not inadvertently altered the contents of the file?

clouded February 17, 2019 20:34

It's possible, this is the link for the files vertigo retrieved from the server. I plan to play a bit offline in the future so if get more saves I'll send them.

DGoldDragon28 February 18, 2019 11:05

The files there are the same as the ones you sent me. I'm surprised that they work for you at all, since they fail to load here. Out of curiosity, what OS are you running Unangband on?

clouded February 20, 2019 02:32

I'm on Win7 64bit, but those saves were from the server, I don't know what OS it runs. Anyway, now that I'm playing locally things are working better so far, some stuff:

* keymap "m1a" on numrow 2 causes pressing j (roguelike keyset) to move sw instead of s
* colouring text in recall/inspection screens would help with gleaning information quickly
* I'm playing a dunadan mage (wizardry) and I was quite confused about my first two summon spells wizard eye and unseen servant summoning invisible monsters - I thought it was a bug until I just rechecked at a higher level with SInv. Perhaps summons should always be visible?
* various dragonfly recalls say "may breathe when at full health" but they can breath at any HP
* firing in a direction seems bugged: specifically when firing NW, NE and SW, it fires off at the wrong angle
* some ball spells (minor acid ball) seem to hit the first monster on the path, rather than landing where you target them

DGoldDragon28 February 20, 2019 19:39

That is very strange, since I've been trying to run it on Windows.
Responding to your bullet points in order:

* I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Are you saying you added a keymap and now 'j' is acting strangely? If so, can you dump your keymap file for my examination?
* That is a good idea. I will see about adding that.
* Unseen servant should definitely be invisible (that's why it's "unseen"). Wizard eye may well be, too, that doesn't seem unreasonable.
* The full wording is "may breathe <damage type> for <amount> damage when at full health." This represents the fact that the damage dealt varies based on current monster HP. The issue is that the "for <x> damage" part is only shown after seeing ten breaths or learning the monster HP, while the "when at full health" is displayed regardless. This will be fixed. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
* This was definitely the case previously, but I thought I had fixed that in 0.6.5a. I'll look into it.
* I believe this was intentional, but I will check in on it.

In the future, I would prefer if you submitted issues on Github in order to make it easier for me to track.

clouded February 20, 2019 20:59

1 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by DGoldDragon28 (Post 136312)
* I'm not quite sure what you mean here. Are you saying you added a keymap and now 'j' is acting strangely? If so, can you dump your keymap file for my examination?

Yes, sequence of events is like this:

1) set a keymap on numrow 2 with "m1a"
2) press j, which itself is keymapped to ";2" due to the roguelike keyset
3) j now moves SW instead of S

Attached is a default .prf with a single keymap added, causing the issue

I suggest reordering books so that your standard ones (that you buy in stores) are always at the top of the inventory and not constantly displaced by specialised books found later, it changes all of your book letters and that is a pain.

DGoldDragon28 February 21, 2019 15:47

Alright, I've found the bug. Direction specifiers never bypass keymaps, thus, remapping any of the digits 1-9 such that the action contains a different number will result in similarly erroneous behaviour. This is easily fixed now that you have brought this to my attention.

saeniel August 1, 2019 16:21

...just waiting for version 1.0.0 :3

DGoldDragon28 August 2, 2019 00:28

My apologies... I have had so many things on my plate recently, between university and finding employment. I cannot guarantee any timetable for Unangband, but I will work on it when I can.

As always, anyone with knowledge of C is more than welcome to help by submitting pull requests on the Github.

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