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zen0 June 15, 2009 10:13

Bug: shops giving away free charges?
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I noticed this a few 'nightlies' ago but didn't get around to mention it ;)

Basically if you buy any number of staves (of identify in my case, haven't checked with other types) they will get ALL the charges in the shop rather than the correct proportion of them.

Tried again in 1442 and this still happens. i bought 1 _Id out of 7, I end up with one staff with 77 charges, the shop is left with 6 staves with 0 charges!

Apologies if this is flagged elsewhere :) and sorry for the almost-unreadable screenshot

ajps June 15, 2009 13:48

Fixed in svn now. Thanks for the report.

pampl June 15, 2009 17:29

This was actually a big problem for me recently, I wanted to buy a staff of teleport but because all the charges were in one staff it cost 10k instead of the 3500ish it said in the shop inventory.

Taha June 15, 2009 18:05

Went to sell one of my three staffs of teleportation, and it tried to sell all of the charges on the one staff. Cancelled out, but that could have been painful next time I wanted to use it. Using r1435, I'll try a new nightly in a day or two to see if it really is fixed.
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