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UglySquirrell May 24, 2013 00:22

No Sound in OAngband
Just downloaded the competition file for Oangband, and the sound is not working. Error bell rings but nothing else. Tried downloading sounds from angband and still silent. Any help would be appreciated, i really like playing with sound on. I'm using windows if that makes a difference.

UglySquirrell May 24, 2013 00:56

Just tried downloading the 110-win and sound works fine, but putting the sound folder into the competition 110u-win doesn't work either.

UglySquirrell May 24, 2013 05:34

Well tried replacing the Configuration settings with the ones from 110, everything works fine but the sound :( made sure my drivers are up to date too.
I've downloaded most of the variants here at one point or another and never had a problem on this computer with any of them. Most i have had to do is add the sound folder to the extra file when it was missing. The sounds themselves work fine when i try them in the folder itself, it just seems that 'sounds off' is set up somewhere behind the scenes. Oh well maybe ill try the competition on the older version.

Nick May 24, 2013 09:35

Sorry about that - it looks like I've broken sound. I'm not sure how.

Gameplay in 110 is almost identical; the only thing to watch for is that the Unlight specialty is much better in 110u.

UglySquirrell May 24, 2013 22:39

Ok, thank you. I'll just play on 110 then, i was going more for a mana regen build anyhow. I have to say that i love the limited detection so far, really makes the dungeon feel more dangerous.

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