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ClaytonAguiar May 29, 2009 21:18

Another squelch bug, I guess

I play Angband since around 1993, but this is my very first post to any kind of angband-related forum ever. Unfortunatelly (or not) to report a possible bug:

I was playing the "official beta" 3.1.0. Went to the magic shop with two unid'ed rings of the same flavor. As player was a low level (2 or 3), I was planning to sell the first one and, if not a "negative" item, sell the second.

When I sold the first one, it was id'ed by the shopkeeper as a "Ring of Wisdom (-6)". So far no problem, ok?

I play with autosquelch settings on "auto-destroy" mode (drop and don't show squelchable itens).

The problem: inside the shop, the second ring was automatically id'ed by the game as another "Ring of Wisdom (-6)" (yes, kind and penalty) and dropped. I think it should just uncover the flavor, right? Even if both were carrying the same penalty, I think this isn't the expected behaviour.

I don't have the save game, so I really expect you can reproduce it by wizard-mode commands or checking the source code.

See ya later.

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