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fph June 4, 2020 18:35


Originally Posted by spara (Post 145989)
True that. However the only thing missing is in-game information. No need for actual recharging feature or like. Just in-game information what the shop is able to sell/recharge. There already is a confirmation prompt when giving the item. Maybe the information could be added there. "Give the item for recharging?" or something when it's going to get recharged.

That is still not ideal. You'd have to give a rechargeable item to a shop to get the prompt.
New players without any previous knowledge would probably give a couple of potions or weapons to the shop, figure out they get 0 gold back, and forget about selling.

Nick June 4, 2020 22:22


Originally Posted by PowerWyrm (Post 146049)
Is it me or the number of chests you find in a game is quite low? It's like you find one every 100 levels or so...

Hm. Anyone else noticed that?

DavidMedley June 4, 2020 23:29

How many are you supposed to find?

Nick June 5, 2020 03:31

So it seems that someone (*hm*) made chests rarer and more valuable before 4.1; looks like the "rarer" might have been overdone. I'll have a think about that.

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