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Grotug March 30, 2020 17:04

Catacombs 3D ported
Soo... I have a soft spot for the early 90s. It brought us some legendary things, like the Mclaren F1:

I don't care for this particular model's paint colors; orange is the definitive color for the car, but this was the top hit in youtube and the reviewer opens the video correctly: "This is, simply, the greatest car ever made".

Then there was the Honda Civic VX (released in 1992, super fun to drive, looks great and gets 55mpg). Pretty much the greatest car ever made for people who enjoy driving but have no money (like me).

Then there was id Software in its early days, in its glory days, when they pumped out *super* fun games at a breathtaking rate: Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM.

Well, before they formed Wolfenstein 3D, some of the key players in that legendary company made games for SoftDisk. One such game was Catacombs 3D, the predecessor for Wolfenstein 3D. While I've been aware of this game for many years, I was not exposed to it in those formidable years (age 12 to 14) when I was playing Keen, Wolf3D and Doom. I never did bother check it out; I just figured like Warcraft 1, it probably wouldn't be as good as Warcraft 2 (another *great* game from the early 90s).

Well, someone over at ported the game to modern systems and Open GL graphics. So the game actually looks decent. So I gave it a try. And here is my first reactions to the game:

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you're interested in trying out this game/port, check out this thread:

Thraalbee March 30, 2020 20:38

Thanks for the tip. Btw, I would have agreed to your assessment of the F1 any day until very recently. However, I feel the new Koenigsegg Gemera has now de-throned the F1 in most if not all ways. Stronger, faster, four seats instead of three and with much less environmental impact. That 3 cyl 2l engine is a crazy but also a brilliant engineering accomplishment - 600 bhp, 600 nm at only 70kg - that adds sound and *range* to an otherwise electric car. Total output 1700 bhp, 3500 nm. Nice doors and carbon wheels too.

Grotug March 31, 2020 01:53

I actually just read about this engine a couple weeks ago! It really is an engineering marvel. Now if only that engine could be scaled down to be put into a lightweight, super efficient, but sporty compact economy car. You know, 150hp instead of 600. ;) finally got the game controls to work (you can customize them under controls from the main menu within the game).

Grotug April 2, 2020 16:52

Descending deeper into the catacombs! Quite an impressive milieu of environments considering this game came before Wolf3D!

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