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Choupon January 9, 2015 19:13

Seeking Zop's FuryBand, and Hello fellow *banders!
Hello everybody. I've been playing Angband for years, but recently went dark. I had to get a new computer and I have no idea where I can find- after many long hours searching-
either vanilla furyband or much harder to find ZOPS furyband, which I would dearly like to find.

I was wondering if any experienced angband players out there know where I can find a copy?

thank you guys for being a great forum.
and always remember, dont kiss the nazgul!

Tulip January 10, 2015 15:02

I uploaded the latest beta to mediafire.

I've tried the ZOP furyband, but have experienced tile issues while doing so. Something to do with 'bizzare display', I think.

edit: turning on bizarre display stops duplicating '@' but the other symbols seem to mess up a lot

Normal furyband works fine though.

Choupon January 12, 2015 18:03

thank you so much! really enjoying it already

Zop January 2, 2017 08:53

Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but this still seems to be the recommended place to download Furyband/Zop's Furyband. I have made it publically available at: . For Windows, use the download if you don't want to compile code.

Slatour71 January 4, 2017 14:12

I tried using the windows compile. On Zop torches don't work and I keep getting extra @ that hang around until I bump into them. Fury creates a long loop of error messages involving LUA.

EpicMan January 4, 2017 17:14


Originally Posted by Slatour71 (Post 117070)
I tried using the windows compile. On Zop torches don't work and I keep getting extra @ that hang around until I bump into them. Fury creates a long loop of error messages involving LUA.

The display issues can usually be fixed by changing the char used for floor the various floors. You can edit them manually by doing the below, but there are quite a few floor types in ToME/FuryBand. You can also edit the pref file under "furybandgold\lib\user" to fix this.

1.Hit '%' to interact with visuals
2.Choose '8' Change feature attr/chars
3. Hit "n" to cycle through the features until you get to "open floor" (#1 in my copy of FuryBand). You will see that the Default is 1/46 '.' but the current is 1/31 ' '.
4. Hit 'c' to increase the char number until it is 46 like the default.
(repeat as neccessary to fix the grass and other floor types).
5. Hit "escape" then '4' to "Dump feature attr/chars" to a file you can load next time.
5. "esc"ape out and hit Control+r to refresh the screen

Slatour71 January 7, 2017 05:12

That seems to have done the trick! Thanks, EpicMan!

Zop January 27, 2017 10:43

Thanks for trying it out, Slatour71. I have fixed the problems you mentioned.

The @ symbol problem was familiar, since I've had to make the change EpicMan mentioned a few times. I didn't realize there was a default pref file causing the issue, since I thought I had saved changes.

The Fury lua problem was pretty blatant... goes to show I never use that mode! Fury had a mod with only one town, and the code was looking for a variable there that no longer exists.

Let me know if anything else comes up.

Slatour71 January 27, 2017 19:08

Zop, it won't load at all now. There is a message "ignoring obsolete/defective 'p_info.raw' file with Zop. With regular Fury, it ignores several files. After this, it shuts down.

I was also having trouble with Slingshots previously. They refused to allow me to equip sling stones in my quiver.


Zop January 28, 2017 01:41

Oops. I left the raw files in... although it should just make new ones. I uploaded cleaner zip files now. Sorry about that.

I tried to recreate the ammo problem, and I found that a player race that doesn't have a torso (as defined by character race information) won't have an ammo slot for the equipment inventory. Do you remember what race you chose? Anyway, I guess the idea is that you wouldn't have a place to hold a quiver? It gets weird when you have "hands" to hold a sling, but no torso. I guess I could just change it, but I don't know what other details might change.

Perhaps you saw that you can fire ammo from your inventory. You can use the n key to repeat a command, or record a script of keypresses by pressing shift+4, if it's too many keystrokes. Binding scripts to unused keys does make things easier... including killing yourself.

Sorry, but could you try again? Thanks.

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