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PowerDiver June 4, 2010 03:51

Lovecraftian movies
I played a silly card game last weekend called "The Stars are Right", in which the players realign the cosmos to summon Lovecraft's old ones. A friend mailed me a link to the site of the source of the artwork for the cards, and there was an archive of comics.

Here's the explanation why there aren't any Hollywood blockbusters based on Lovecraft's works.

HallucinationMushroom June 4, 2010 05:42

Awesome. I'll mow through these at work to help the time pass.
Summon/Bind Distraction.

Atriel July 8, 2010 10:34


I liked Masters of Horror s.1 ep. 2 (very Lovercraftian) even thou IMHO there are only 2 other good episodes... 1.13 and 2.11 ^^

Pete Mack July 8, 2010 10:49

Hellboy certainly makes a nod to Lovecraft, even if it's not based directly on his works.

PowerDiver July 8, 2010 20:14

The movie I've seen closest to Lovecraft is _In the Mouth of Madness_. It's sort of Stephen King meets Lovecraft. There's also _Lord of Illusions_ which seems sort of similar to Lovecraft to me but probably isn't.

There is a series of children's books starting with _Skulduggery Pleasant_ where the villains are trying to bring back the old ones, and I think they reference Lovecraft by name.

Mondkalb July 29, 2010 13:50

Guillermo del Toro will direct "The Mountains of Madness"

HailEris December 15, 2010 08:38

I've heard good things about Herbert West Reanimator (maybe it was just called re-animator) which is a lovecraft story (not really mythos related though)the movie's supposed to be pretty good.

also @ power diver, if you liked "The Stars are right" you might wanna check out Munchkin Cthulhu (hell check out Munchkin in general , its fun and hilarious)
its made by Steve Jackson games.

will_asher December 15, 2010 09:28

I'm reading the Skulduggery Pleasant books now. Finished the 1st one a couple days ago.

pampl December 16, 2010 23:15

CGI might be useful for rendering anything the director imagines, but Lovecraftian nightmares are supposed to be beyond human imagining. Anything that can be invented by a person would inevitably be disappointing.

There's a take-off on "Where The Wild Things Are" called "Where The Deep Ones Are" that's pretty funny, as long as we're talking about kids' books. Also, there's a couple comic books that do a good job imitating Lovecraft - The Courtyard by Alan Moore, and one called (IIRC) Lovecraft that's a sort of biography.

Hudstone April 4, 2011 21:18

These movies weren't Lovecraftian, but the creatures were.

Monsters (2010)
The Mist (2007) - Stephen King

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