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fph March 5, 2019 21:09

The latest Humble Bundle features a roguelike, Tangledeep. Has anyone here played it? Is it any good? Would you recommend it?

Derakon March 5, 2019 21:17

I backed the Kickstarter ages ago, played a bit of a beta, then decided to wait for the release. Now it's been out for awhile and I still haven't gotten around to trying it again. But what I hear has generally been favorable. There's a lot of systems you can interact with -- not just your classes and skills and items but also pets and cooking and growing plants and items can be leveled up by playing levels "inside" of the item (like the Item World in Disgaea). But I gather that you aren't expected to invest heavily into all of these systems to win the game.

Pretty much everyone says it's a pretty game (very SNES aesthetic) with good music.

Grotug March 7, 2019 20:12

I think I prefer the ascii graphics of Angband to the trailer of Tangledeep. :eek:

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