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Grotug April 2, 2019 21:29

ugh, I hate PCs
Was close to finishing a thread to post when my computer froze again (it won't wake up sometimes after I close it). Usually when I open Chrome again it will restore the closes tabs, but the last couple times it hasn't. I tried to find the draft in history, but when I click on the "new thread" link, it doesn't load anything, not even a bad link or error or anything; just a white, blank page.

Is there some other way to retrieve the draft? Not that big a deal if not.

HugoTheGreat2011 April 3, 2019 01:03

As far as I know, once the browser window is closed, e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, etc., the draft is lost unless there is an auto-save function that I'm not aware of. I'm not if the experience you're having is a PC-only thing (as opposed to Linux or Mac). As an alternative, do pre-emptive screen recordings with OBS. :)

Grotug April 3, 2019 02:17

OK, thanks. OBS doesn't work on my computer because it gets confused by my onboard graphics and my gaming graphics.

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