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medthor May 8, 2019 03:28

Help! Trapped by rubble, with no digging tools
I unwisely used a staff of earthquakes to where I'm trapped in a corner and blocked by rubble without a digging tool. I've searched for secret doors to no avail. Is there any way that I can rescue this game?

Destragon May 8, 2019 04:22

Haha, I've recently been warned that this can happen. I think you might be doomed to starve, unless you have enough free xp to get song of freedom.
I'm guessing you don't have a staff of freedom or a horn of blasting in your inventory.

HugoTheGreat2011 May 8, 2019 05:05

The other option is to pre-emptively smith a Shovel / Mattock

debo May 8, 2019 12:55

This is one of the best ways to die.

What floor are you on? If you're at Kemenrauko depth, make a ton of noise and hope that one tunnels to you. And then kill it without dying 😊

wobbly May 8, 2019 13:34

Rubble blocks sound :(
Buried in ruble is the most amusing way to vanish. If you don't have freedom it's down to pure luck with any last earthquake charges or a kemen before you starve.

Edit: buried in rubble though ruble is hilarious too.

medthor May 8, 2019 20:02

Yikes, I'm a skill point away from getting Song of Freedom. I am at Kemenrauko depth, though, and have some charges left on the staff of earthquakes. Thanks for the info

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