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EpicMan January 30, 2020 06:31

Oposband 0.2 Release
This is the next release of Oposband, a variant of FrogComposband with some extra bits thrown in (Blue Mage & Imitator, plus Hexblade & Chaos Mage from Composband).

EDIT: Warning, this breaks savefiles from 0.1.X and 0.2.0 versions. 0.2.1+ should be fine.

Major changes:
-Theme was streamlining the amount of grinding to get bonuses if you switched weapon type or spell.
-Split the three types of weapons (hafted, polearms, swords) into six: hafted, stave, polearms, axes, swords, daggers+stabby weapons, adding three new weapon TVALS.
-Replaced weapon / skill proficiency system with new system where proficiency is by weapon class (TVAL; weaponmaster choices) instead of individual weapon types.
-Removed spell proficiency system. Encouraged casting spells over and over again in safe spaces to build up proficiencies. Effectively everyone is now at Expert proficiency in their spells.
-Restored books of Kendo, fixing problem with skillmasters where they could gain skill in Kendo but couldn't actually use it without books. Samurai are now book casters for now.
-Chaos patron is now preserved for quick-starting from dead character's save files.

Thanks to everyone who has played and offered feedback / criticisms / suggestions.

Big thanks to Gwarl for figuring out what needs to happen to host this on!

A precompiled Windows binary is here:

Source code is here:

This should be considered a beta release and rebalancing is probably needed somewhere.

EpicMan February 10, 2020 06:12

Oposband 0.2.1 Release
Released a small update to 0.2.0 with some features and fixes. 0.2.0 Savefiles should still work with this, except that existing Mages loaded in from old savefiles won't gain the new ability.

Windows binary and source code available here:

-Recreated the Mage class's ability to change second realm (lost when spell learning was removed)
-Nerfed dragons back to their Frogcomposband levels to better fit danger progression
-Shifted Dragon's Lair dungeon back to Frogcomposband depths to accomodate depth changes for dragons
-Fixed suggested stat allocation for Sorcerers since they are INT casters again.
-Armor is now spelled 'armor' instead of 'armour'
-Ants now come in groups.

EpicMan February 11, 2020 16:31

Oposband 0.2.2 Release
New release, with updating link in OP.

This is a bugfix release, as shooting was using player's maximum possible proficiency instead of their actual current proficiency.

The Proficiency screen has also been fixed to not display the same data over and over.

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