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Mushuukyou February 27, 2010 06:59

Can't get sound working
Ok I've downloaded the new 3.1.2.
It has sound files in it, but they don't work in the game.

The only way I can get sound working is if I go to that extras page and download the entire game that has sounds on it; but that's an earlier version.

I've tried to edit the .ini and put in sounds=1, but that didn't help.
I've copied over the sound folder from that 3.0.5 version, but that didn't help.

I've searched the forums and I'm surprised I haven't seen any threads that are likewise.

Please assist, thank you.

I'd like to have the sounds from the 3.0.5 sound package from that site instead of the limited ones in 3.1.2.

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