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bjorngudis January 27, 2021 15:52

Variant used as an educational tool
Hi guys,
I'm new here, but have played Angband off and on since the 90s.
I was just wondering if anyone knows if someone has made a variant which can be used as an educational tool?
I was thinking something like that anytime you make a first melee attack, fire a first arrow, cast a spell or try to open a chest the player would be asked a question. The question would be based on an array where the teacher, parent or player would put in the question / answers.
A successful answer would give a large boost to the success chance and/or increase damage from the attack, incorrect one virtually destroys the chance of success.

Just curious if something like that has been done?


bughunter January 27, 2021 21:36

I am not the person to answer your main question, but I have to say...

That sounds a whole lot like trying to sneak kale into chocolate chip cookies to convince a kid to eat vegetables.

bjorngudis January 28, 2021 16:21

Kale in cookies?!!
Absolutely that would be the point, to try to make learning the times table or something tedious like that something the kids would ask to do.
Everything is OK in love, war and homeschooling.... :D:D:D:D

DavidMedley January 28, 2021 18:07

Do your kids really love Angband that much? My two sons (13 and 10) like it, but nearly as much as Fortnight, Minecraft, and watching YouTube.

bjorngudis January 28, 2021 19:51

They like some other math games where you battle monsters but these games are very limited in how you can evolve, the types of monsters you can meet, the stuff you can find/use. The complexity of Angband would just make make the type of game more enjoyable for a longer time.

Nick January 28, 2021 20:20

So there is a list of hints which the shopkeepers give - maybe you could subvert that into learning?

Sideways January 28, 2021 23:13

Angband is a really long game in terms of how many times the player attacks or disarms or casts spells; and that would be the main obstacle to Edutainment Angband as described by you: the player'd have to answer tens of thousands of questions to complete the game. The actual rogueliking part would be slowed to an extent no adult test-player would put up with :)

Hounded January 29, 2021 01:18

Flag it for (A)ctivations perhaps or for certain effects...

Heh... make it a curse. Every so many turns you have to answer a question.

A trap! "You have answered incorrectly. You are struck by lightning."

whartung January 29, 2021 17:21

I wouldn't put it as part of the fundamental game play.

Instead, I'd perhaps put locks on the stairwells that had to be passed by answering a question, or on a vault door, or something like that.

I certainly wouldn't want to walk up to a random Kobold and, suddenly, a math quiz pops up.

You could also do it on events, such as WoR returning to town, leveiing up, or something like that.

I don't know how many "questions per hour" of play time you would be looking for.

But I think putting the loot behind a locked door could be useful.

DavidMedley January 29, 2021 21:19

I think we're going about this the wrong way. We should use reading, writing and arithmetic to encourage good *BAND play. If you forget to restock cure potions and phase door scrolls, you have to solve an algebraic equation. If you're not diving fast enough you have to read a chapter from some dusty old classic no one cares about anymore. And every time you die you have to write an essay!

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