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Estie June 22, 2022 17:57

The painful loss thread
So I was giving the Blackguard another try. I was relying heavily on my xbow of accuracy, as melee damage for some reason is horrendous in the early game for this class. Imagine my joy when Azog, after a long and protracted battle, dropped 2 artifacts, an amulet and a well enchanted sword that turned out to be cold branded.

And then, the game crashed. And naturally, loading the file after restarting had me wielding my olde lance of slay orc.

Pete Mack June 22, 2022 20:07

Ouch! I guess you have to kill Azog *again*. Ranged damage has rapidly diminishing returns, as Blackguard has the worst skill of any class. It's tedious, but you'll end up using spells to get 2 or 3 blows for quite some time.

Blackguard uses spells about as much as a priest: you need to keep monsters helpless, and youself buffed.

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