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tynan April 7, 2014 01:32

Understanding the 'A' line in p_class.txt
Okay, so the Attack data line has three values, the first is the max number of attacks the class can have, the second is the "minimum weight for calculating number of attacks", and third is "multiplier for attack calculations".
The first value was easy to change and see immediate game effects. It seems to have a capped value at 8 or so. The next two are not so clearly explained or understood, but here's what I've learned:
The multiplier (3rd value) only works up to a value of 5, any higher than that appears to have no effect. The lower it is, the less blows/round the char has.
The minimum weapon weight (2nd value) seems to be the point at which blows/round begin to get slower. So if this is set at 2 pounds, then only extremely light weapons (daggers/whips) will be at the max blows/round. Progressively heavier weapons decrease the blows.
If someone could help clarify this, or if it's completely wrong, more details appreciated. Thanks

Derakon April 7, 2014 03:04

The system is complicated, unfortunately. It may help to read player/calcs.c, specifically the comments surrounding the blows_table array. Basically some math is done using the values from p_class.txt, and the result of that math is used to look up a value in a table. As a result, there's no clear formula to use to derive blows given the player's class and stats.

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