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Quirk December 6, 2017 16:41

New songs
I'm interested in the opinions of anyone who has tried the new songs. Are they sufficiently useful? Do they need to do more? Have you found a way to abuse them?

Discussing Song of Delvings with wobbly earlier, he remarked that it was hard for a utility song to compete with investing in combat, and that sneakers had better options. I'm contemplating dropping it back to the slot Song of Challenge currently occupies so at least it's cheap, and either boosting Song of Challenge back to the original "Song of Strife" that pits enemies against each other or finding something else more directly combat-focused. I don't know though whether Song of Challenge or Song of Delving are currently proving useful for other people, so any more data I can get would be gratefully received.

Tyrael December 7, 2017 11:41

Personally I find challenge extremely situational but really a lifesaver against cat assassins. Almost worth taking just for that.

Infinitum December 17, 2017 15:31

Well, if you want to give incentives for testing niche songs, why not bundle a few of them into each ability?

Quirk December 17, 2017 21:11

Having tested Song of Thresholds a fair bit now, I'm pretty sure it's just straight-up good. Delvings sadly would need a low slot to be decent, and I'm not sure what I can safely switch out for it - the alternative is to share a cost, but none of the other songs do so this is vaguely aesthetically offensive. Challenge is possibly about to get a new synergy (Coup de Grace doesn't appear to have had much love so far, so it's getting a boost and a move to the Stealth tree, and the new skill I'm playing with punishes aggressive enemies).

I think it looks like Challenge stays and Delvings gets replaced.

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