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OOD Town drunk April 4, 2013 16:50

My thoughts on CHA
First, I'm typing on a kindle which is aggravating, hence this will be to the point.

The solution to charisma and its utter uselessness: it needs to have a much greater influence on price, while the stores need to be stocked a little better. It is rare I find a weapon worth buying. Or anything outside consumables really. I haven't played v4 much, so I'm not sure how the stores function in relation to vanilla.

I do like some of the other ideas I've seen, such as it affecting status effects and such.

LostTemplar April 5, 2013 13:21

Charisma makes your half-troll look beautifull, which outweights any possible benefit from any other stats. Not all people here are munchkins, some do RP, and charisma is fun this way.

Philip April 5, 2013 13:57

Or just swapping Stealth and Charisma around, or adopting the Ironband stat system. As long as charisma is still a skill, RP is possible, and Stealth is one of the more importand skills that are not affected by stats.

Derakon April 5, 2013 17:45

But then players will expect to be able to find Potions of Stealth to improve their stealthiness, and if you added those then everyone would be basically silent in the endgame.

Unfortunately due to the way stealth works, you can't rescale everything either to avoid the above problem. There's only room for meaningful scores between 0 and 30, and every +3 points makes you roughly twice as stealthy -- that's a heck of an exponential power curve.

scud April 5, 2013 18:28

The only time CHA comes into play is when you've managed to Potion of Statswap it down to single figures before getting nexus-scrambled...

takkaria April 6, 2013 01:47

My current favourite solution is just to nuke it. 5 stats should be enough for anyone.

PowerWyrm April 8, 2013 13:59


Originally Posted by OOD Town drunk (Post 78432)
The solution to charisma and its utter uselessness

Hey... I've made a class based on charisma in my variant ;)

Philip April 8, 2013 16:47

Nuking it sounds easier than most suggestions.

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